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Somewhere on the Street

January 6th, 2016

You meet a lot of people on pedestrian walks of this world. It takes years to accustom even those you meet on a daily basis to even a muttered “morning”. It’s even more rare to be adressed by strangers.

But that’s exactly what happened today.

On my way from the pharmacy back home – my mood was accordingly bad, because I, like many others, resent being sick and dislike not appearing at work – an elderly lady stops me and starts talking to me. She wondered just how the thing with the cane works. How it works that one takes notice of something blocking their way with merely a stick in their hand. So I took a few minutes and explained everything to her, why it’s called a mobility cane, that fortunately I can see a few things and why one mustn’t be afraid to just ask those same questions. After all, simply asking never cost anyone anything.

And what can I say? While my day started off rather low, the polite curiousity and interest of the old lady was the exact thing I needed at the time and I was able to head back home with a smile on my face.

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