Hat Stories

Good Things do happen

What’s it all about?

Hello everyone!

Since you’re here you might be wondering – what’s all this about?

Well… There’s a lot of things in life that happen. Every single day. For some reason some people have set their minds on reminding us about all the bad things in the world. How you can get robbed on a daily basis or worse. And with all the negativity comes our own tendency to forget that those aren’t the only things happen.

So I dedicated this little spot of internet space to tell those tiny little tales about the other things that happen. The good ones. The ones we tend not to mention because they get drowned out by all the negativity pouring in on us. Might not be something big. Doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy.

Furthermore I will add the odd story about things that happen to me just because of the hat I wear. You might think I’ll run out of stories pretty soon then. Yet I’m by no means sorry to say: Boy, have you been wrong!

Enjoy your stay and have a nice day.


– The Hatbearer –

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