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Two Things

August 22nd, 2016

Today I even have two things to report that are good somehow.

Recently I once more went to the grocery store of my choice and stood in front of the shelf that holds the spices. I’m looking for sesame. I’m looking for sesame rather unsuccessfully because I forgot about that being stored with organic products as opposed to spices. Of course, I can spend ages looking at spices then.


Yet a woman comes along, asks me whether she could be of any help and what I am looking for. I explain to her that sesame is the object of my desire. She looks at me a bit clueless, but nonetheless is browsing with me, row by row. At least until I finally think of sesame being stored in the organic foods section. Still, she doesn’t seem upset, but rather smiles at me kindly and wishes me a good day.

For that, I do like people. And then there’s that other thing.

Someone I know from my last time at school is likely to not have a roof above their head soon. Though not in the area I live, so I can’t really help all that much. So I put up a posting on social media, asking for people who live in that area. Of course I don’t hand out details at that point, seeing as you never know how comfortable a person is with that. Yet within the shortest amount of time so many friends get back to me, offering their help.

One could be hopeful about that.

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