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Good Things do happen


May 7th, 2016

We’re moving. I’m not making an obscure reference to the domain name changing, but just plain old boxing things up. Naturally the apartment looks accordingly. No, I’m not constantly bumping into things. After all I built this little obstacle course myself.

There may be some people out there who find it impressive that someone who’s either visually challenged or blind can in fact pack up some boxes and move by himself. Perhaps there are some people out there who simply cannot do this, despite the fact that they could.

Personally, I find something else much more impressive. See, I don’t live here alone. So while we’re packing and stacking and sorting through stuff, my significant other doesn’t simply manage to use up the last remainders of what we had in the freezer in a more or less diet-based manner. No. She also manages, between all this chaos, to serve some desert. Nobody asked her to. There’s no special occasion. And it’s home made.

Who ever said good things only happen outside?

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